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Łukasz Grajewski

Belarus: 07.06.2011 Basovishcha Festival Is Aproaching

In 2011 the Music Festival of Young Belarus ‘Basovishcha’ is held on 22-24 July in Grodek, Poland. It is hard to believe, but this year the holiday festival celebrates its 22nd anniversary. Despite long being of age, it still aims to promote young Belarusian music bands.

Basovisca in2009, author: Macek Krol, source:

Basovishcha in 2009, author: Macek Krol, source:

For many years Basovishcha, established by Belarusian Accociation of Students, hosted the biggest stars of Belarusian alternative music stage – here performed legendary N.R.M, punk Neuro Dubel, Krama, Lyapis Trubeckoy and Mroja. Eastern neighbors were supported by Polish bands: Armia, Lao Che and Cool Kids of Death. This time his appearance announced a well-known jazzman Tymon Tymański with Tymon&Transistors, but the list of performers is still open. The organizers are preparing a contest section for musicians less familiar to the wider audience. You can get acquainted with 10 bands qualified to perform on festival stage by visiting a youth web portal Rock music dominates, but there is still a place for some folk, ska or alternative. The prize will allow the winner to purchase music equipment and record an album in a professional studio.

As well as a contest site, the coordinators are developing a festival formula including additional activities – you can look forward to workshops, art performances, movie screenings and other culture initiatives taking place near the stage and in the very town of Gródek. Visas for Belarusian visitors are free of charge – more detailed information you can find on the festival official website


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Łukasz Grajewski

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