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Artur Kacprzak

[Theatre] The East European Performing Arts Platform Founding Meeting, September 5-9, Cracow

The East European Performing Arts Platform founding meeting will be held on August 5 – 9 in Cracow.


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East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) is a international exchange instrument for artists and curators functioning within the performing arts sphere (mainly dance and theatre) from Central and East Europe. Lack of knowledge about each other, lack of possibilities, bureaucracy and eurocentrism are the main complaints brought by artists from this region that unite them within a joint initiative. Marta Keil – a project coordinator on behalf of Adam Mickiewicz Institute – in the interview for Biweekly said:

One of the main goals of the project is … an attempt of changing the point of view. After the transformation of our system, we idolize countries where there are the biggest concentrations of capital, the highest number of organizations and best chance of getting financial support for projects; it does not necessarily equal the high quality of such performing, an overall artistic value of the performance. … It is important to acknowledge that somewhere beyond the Shengen Area, in exotic countries, there are people who make great things outside of folklore and academic art. And regardless of where they live, they all care for more or less similar things. To facilitate meetings and offer means which allow them fight not alone – this is our goal.

Artists participating in the project come from new EP member countries, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. EEPAP is coordinated by Adam Mickiewicz Institute within a framework of the Polish Presidency. Its founding meeting is to take place during 36th Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences (KRT) – an event of the Polish Presidency cultural programme. The status of a meeting is raised due to the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts plenary congress associated with KRT. Organizers of the whole event are Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Source: IAMKarnetNarodowy Instytut AudiowizualnyStrona Kultury

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