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Azerbaijan: French Total Found New Gas Deposits Under The Caspian Sea

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Total, a French energy company, announced its discovery of a gas deposit in the Azerbaijani part of the Caspian Sea. The deposit Absheron X-2 is expected to contain even several billion square meters of gas.

Absheron X-2 deposit, source: total.com

The deposit is located 100 kilometres south of Baku, 25 kilometres from Shah Deniz. The Senior Vice President of the company Marc Blaizot said, ‘This discovery could be very significant in terms of resources.’ Ria Novosti informed that it may contain even several billion square meters of gas. Absheron is located at a depth of 6 550 meters. The new discovery confirms the position of Azerbaijan as a negotiator during the talks over building the Nabucco pipeline, which are currently entering their key stage.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyevin in a statement commenting the discovery said that his country, known so far as an oil supplier, after today becomes a world supplier of the blue fuel. Total is the operator of the Absheron deposit, having a 40 percent equity. The other partners are SOCAR with 40 percent and GDF SUEZ with 20 percent.

Azerbaijan, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was strongly linked to Russia in the economic sphere. Currently, Baku, due to its effective diversification policy concerning directions to which fuels are transported, obtains seven pipelines allowing supplying gas and oil both north, to Russia, and west, to the consumers in Europe and the US.

Source: total.comrferl.orgrian.ruregnum.ru,  vestnikkavkaya.net

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