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EU: Global Economic Symposium In Kiel Has Begun

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The Global Economic Symposium (GES) has begun in Kiel, Germany. 400 guests from around the world will grapple with the challenges of the modern world. The great absentee is… half of Europe.

Hotel Atlantic w Kiel - miejsce w którym odbywa się Global Economic Symposium 2011, autor: Artur Kacprzak

Atlantic Hotel in Kiel - the place where Global Economic Symposium 2011 is held, author: Artur Kacprzak

For two days, the participants of the conference will be trying to find answers to the challenges of the modern world: economic crisis, energy policy, demographic problems and the events in North Africa and the Middle East.  To the capital of Schleswig-Holstein came 400 representatives of science, politics, business and non-governmental organisation. Among them were the Ministers of Belgium, Brazil, Kenya, Namibia and Germany, Nobel prizewinners and representatives of world-wide media like BBC, Deutsche Welle, The Economist, The Guardian and others. On the list of the participants there is just one name from East-Central Europe.  President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Dennis Snower, organiser and founder of GES 2011, commented on the trace representation of this by no means small region:

GES 2011 was organised by Bertelsman Foundation in collaboration with National Library of Germany (Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften) and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Institut für Weltwirtschaft).

There’s no denying GES 2011 organisers’ perceptiveness. They are led by the idea that the global dimension of the problems was surpassed by the process of forming global society ready to face them. It results from an observation that even the united states are not able to meet the challenges. That is why we need to build global society as serious as the occuring problems.

What strikes an observer from Poland is a complete lack of participants not only from my country but also from the whole East-Central Europe. Among the 400 names there is only one citizen, Lithuanian, from my region. The organisers explain this situation with the early phase of the undertaking. Yet, it is the fourth edition of the GES and it is hard to get rid of the feeling that Eastern Europe is perceived as second category area. There are no media from this region present. No diligent but unrecognized journalists from the Polish Press Agency have arrived. It is sad that friends from other continents are invited but the neighbours forgotten. Well, at least Eastbook.eu is present here.

Source: Global Economic Symposium 2011

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2011-10-05 12:15:56

Comment from version: pl

O matko, dwója z niemieckiego i dwója z geografii. Jaki Kiel?? Przecież to Kilonia, stolica Szlezwiku-Holsztynu. Te błędy językowe u niektórych autorów tego portalu są nie do przyjęcia, poczawszy od pisania "w Ukrainie, w Węgrzech...." do pisania "w Kiel, w Mosvka, w New York, w Kijiv, w Bucuresti...". Jeszcze dodaliście taga o nazwie "kiel", może chodził O KIEŁ?? Ktoś pokazał kły w tej Kilonii i o to chodzi??


Krzysztof Nieczypor

2011-10-05 14:29:00

Comment from version: pl

Dziękujemy za zwrócenie uwagi. Czuwaj!


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