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Belarus: Bialiatski As A Candidate for the Nobel Prize

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The campaign for proposing Ales Bialiatski’s candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize is on. More and more institutions and people support the imprisoned human rights defender’s candidacy.

Ales Bialacki, autor: Zmicier Pankawiec, źródło: nn.by

Ales Bialiatski was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment, author: Zmicier Pankawiec, source: nn.by

The initiative of proposing Ales Bialiatski’s candidacy came into existence in October 2011. At that time, an informal committee for support of the Belarusian human rights defender was appointed and joined by: Lyudmila Alexeyeva from Russian Memorial organisation, president of Freedom House David Kramer and Danuta Przywara, president of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. So far, parliaments of 20 countries, including Poland, as well as the Council of Europe, many international institutions and public persons have expressed their support for Bialiatski’s candidacy.  Before his death on 18th December 2011, Vaclav Havel spoke of the need for support of Bialiatski detained by Belarusian authorities. Belarusian social activists concur that the significance of this undertaking cannot be overestimated. Former candidate for president of Belarus Uladzimir Niaklajeu commented for TVN24: “This will bring benefit to all of us – the nation and the country. But most of all, to the future of our country, to which the attention of the international community will be drawn”.

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Source: tvn24

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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