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Ukraine: Costs of Stadiums for Euro 2012 Strangly High

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Vitali Klychko, the WBC Heavyweight Champion and leader of UDAR party, demands launching an investigation after the Euro 2012 regarding misappropriation of funds during preparation for the event in Ukraine.

Witalij Kliczko, źródło: wikimedia.org

Vitali Klychko, source: wikipedia.org

The costs of building some of the sport facilities for the Euro 2012 are higher by half (or sometimes even more) than similar objects in Germany or the RSA. For this reason, a special commission should be appointed after the event. The officials directly responsible for preparations shall present all available information regarding the procedures. The circumstances surrounding companies winning the bids, despite obvious non-competitiveness of their offer, must be investigated”, said Klychko at his press conference held on 12 January.

The leader of UDAR emphasized that he is aware how important the Euro 2012 is for Ukraine; thus, any investigations should be postponed to the period after the whole event. “First, of course, the Euro 2012 must be held, and then an investigation. I am sure that the misappropriation took place”, he added.

The press conference of the champion coincided with a presentation of a new video “Arena Lviv, presented by the main designer of the stadium. According to information of Stadiony.net portal, the costs amount to UAH 2.3 billion. For a stadium of this kind, this is shockingly expensive, even after considering the land, utilities and infrastructure such as parking lots. The total cost of the Lviv stadium is twice as much as that of the Warsaw object of the same class.

Watch the video presentation of the Arena Lviv:

The inauguration of this sport facility took place at the end of October 2011, despite its non-operational state at that time.

Watch the opening ceremony of the Arena Lviv:

Source: champion.com.ua,  liga.netgazeta.ua, stadiony.net [1], [2]

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