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Anna Woźniak

Georgia: Alla Dzhioyeva Did Not Pronounce Herself President of South Ossetia

A day before Alla Dzhioyeva was to pronounce herself president of South Ossetia, officers of OMON barged into her office. The leader of the opposition is in hospital, while the media receive contradictory information about her condition. 

Ałła Dżiojewa, 13 listopada I tura wyborów prezydenckich, autor: Katerina Pukhaeva @ News agency RES, źródło:

Alla Dzhioyeva, 13 November, 1st round of presidential elections, author: Katerina Pukhaeva @ News agency RES, source:

Leader of opposition Alla Dzhioyeva is in hospital in Tskhinvali. There is no official news about her condition. According to some, she is still in the coma. Others claim that she is conscious and able to talk. The authorities inform that after the police entered Dzhioyeva’s office, her blood pressure suddenly increased and she was transported to the intensive care unit.

The event was related to the protests from 30 November 2011, when after invalidating the second round of presidential elections won by Dzhioyeva, her supporters took to the streets and started the “snow revolution”. On 9 February, Dzhioyeva was detained to provide a testimony as a witness of the events from the end of November and beginning of December 2011. It is speculated that the person responsible for the raid of police was the former President of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity.

According to the supporters of the oppositionist, her condition is caused by the police barging into her office. Witnesses claim that one of the officers, while trying to detain Dzhioyeva, hit her with a rifle butt. The oppositionists claim that the attempt on her life was to hinder another wave of protests in South Ossetia, for Dzhioyeva scheduled pronouncing herself a president of South Ossetia for 10 February.

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Translated by Marta Lityńska

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