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Azerbaijan: Blogger Awarded EUR 10,000

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Azerbaijani journalist at Radio Liberty and blogger Khadija Ismailova received the Gerd Bucerius Prize, “The Free Press of Eastern Europe”, for fighting for freedom of speech and media independence.

Gerd Bucerius, German politician and journalist, one of the Die Zeit founder, source: en.wikipedia.org

In 2012, the awards from the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius and Fritt Ord Foundation went to the following professionals and journals from Eastern Europe: Olga Romanova, a well known investigative journalist from Moscow, Valery Karbalevych, an independent political commentator from Minsk, Khadija Ismailova, an Azerbaijani journalist at Radio Liberty, and also the Russian quarterly Dosh, specializing in human rights and situation in the Caucasus, and the bilingual weekly Tyzden, commenting on relations of Ukraine, Russia and the EU.

Khadija Ismailova from Azerbaijan was awarded for her articles addressing local problems of corruption, abuse of power and violation of human rights. A journalist for more than 15 years, Ismailova had a talks show in the Azerbaijani section of Radio Svoboda. The official awards ceremony is to take place on 23 May in Hamburg – the winner journals will receive USD 40,000, and individual awards are of USD 10,000 each.

Source: humanrightshouse.orgradioazadlyg.rulenta.runews.tut.bykavkaz-uzel.rufritt-ord.no

Translated by KD

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