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Anna Woźniak

Georgia: Higher Pensions and Health Insurance

On 24 April, the Georgian Parliament passed, in the third reading, an amendment of the bill regarding country’s pension system, according to which citizens over 67 years of age will receive higher pensions and health insurance policies. It comes into force on 1 September.

Gruzja 2012. autor: Anna Woźniak

Georgia 2012. author: Anna Woźniak

The total amount of a pension package every citizen over 67 will get is GEL 140, including GEL 125 of an actual rise and a health policy – GEL 15. The amendment is waiting now for the President’s signature and publishing on the website of Georgia’s Legislative Bulletin.

In Georgia, women retire at the age of 60 and men – 65. Thus far, a minimum level of benefits was GEL 100. In order to increase the package, the country has spent GEL 171 million. Authorities does not exclude that there will be another rise of pensions in the future


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Translated by KD

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