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Evgeniy Voropay

Russia: 100 Best Movies for Middle School

Russia has started voting to select the 100 best movies for watching at school. The rating will define films for compulsory viewing and protect children from unwanted tapes.

В поисках положительных героев для школьников Минкульт огласил голосование, автор: Kentaro Ohno, источник: flickr

The Ministry of Culture has announced the vote in search of best movies for students, author: Kentaro Ohno, source: flickr

Voting is held online. Any citizen within two weeks, starting from September 17, can list 3 Russian and 3 foreign films, which, in their opinion, is worth to see by every student. For the purity of the results Ministry of Culture set a limit – it is possible to vote only once from each IP address. Voting has two stages. On the first stage 300 films-leaders will be defined and then within next 2 weeks the list will be reduced. When the top 100 movies will be defined, then the Ministry of Culture together with the Ministry of Education and Science will make the final review of the list. All this is done in order to add an optional subject to the school curriculum.

Earlier, Nikita Mikhalkov, Head of the Russian Film-Makers Union, proposed to organize lessons at schools, where 6-7th-grade students would be able to become familiar with the 100 best films. The Cinema Department is currently developing procedures of forming the list of masterpieces. It will focus mostly on national productions. According to the polls, this idea is supported by 42 percent of Russians. Psychologists say that the films, which will be included in the school curriculum, will help young people to select more good pieces to follow. In their view, movies for lessons must be chosen according to the age of children, otherwise 6-7th-grade students will not accept cinema masterpieces.

Source: Культурология.рф

Translated by Maryia Aukhimovich

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