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Summer in Lviv Smells With New-Mown Grass…

Sun. Twenty degrees centigrade. Impressive reserves of inexhaustible energy. Good intentions. Despite all this, young citizens of Lviv frequently fell victims to overwhelming boredom during holidays. Holiday outside the city turned out to be too expensive. Dreams of exotic travel remained unfulfilled. There was not enough imagination left in the courtyard. Apathy made life a misery. 

Wolontariusze podczas zajęć z dziećmi, źródło: Dom Spotkań im. Angelusa Silesiusa

Volunteers during the classes with children, source: Angelus Silesius Meeting House

Project Lviv summer with a community coach initiated within the framework of European Voluntary Service, organised together by Angelus Silesius Meeting House (Wroclaw) and Centre for Artistic Initiatives (Lviv), is a positive intervention in the ensuing situation. The first edition was carried out in 2010. Over 30 volunteers from Poland and Ukraine devoted their holidays to free time entertainment for about six thousand young Lviv citizens. They conducted sports and recreation classes.

Getting rid of the boredom was only one of the project’s priorities. The actions of volunteers resulted in the promotion of active and healthy lifestyle. Sports competition became a chance to popularize fair play among the young people. It was also in favour of integration and cooperation in the team.

Jeden z trenerów osiedlowych z małą uczestniczką, źródło: Dom Spotkań im. Angelusa Silesiusa

One of the community coaches with a young participant, source: Angelus Silesius Meeting House

Young participants of the project also got interested in volunteering. They were instilled with the idea of selfless help. Some of them may want to cooperate with the European Voluntary Service in the future.

Constructive mobilisation of young people eliminates many problems lurking about those bored.  The countering of pathologies and social exclusion is another advantage of the project. Actions of the volunteers were a model example of a well-thought-out secondary socialisation preventing such phenomena as addictions, aggression or alienation among the young.

Thus, another edition of the project carried out in 2011 should not be a surprise. Summer in Lviv yet again smells with mown lawns of eleven sports fields. Centre of Educational Initiatives hosted twenty volunteers appointed by Angelus Silesius Meeting House. Courtyards are vibrant with life. Pitches are throbbed with excitement. Ukrainian media intently follow young sportsmen’s fortunes. Volunteers scrupulously collect these relations on Facebook site. The conclusions are clear. Lviv summer with community coach is a fun summer.

Odpoczynek po intensywnym dniu zajęć, źródło: Dom Spotkań im. Angelusa Silesiusa

Rest after intensive day of classes, source: Angelus Silesius Meeting House

Author: Bartosz Kurowski – student of Guidance Counselling and Cultural Management at the Social Sciences Faculty, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. He is interested in a human being  and art – he observes the ways of depicting a human being in literature, film and theatre. He sees creative potential in every one.

The project is co-financed within the framework of European Commission programme “Youth in Action” European Voluntary Service.

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