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Anna Woźniak

Georgia: WTO Membership Fight: End Of Fifth Round

On September 12 in Switzerland, the fifth round of negotiations concerning Russia joining the World Trade Organisation was held. Yet again, no specific decisions were made. The details of the talks were not disclosed. 

Członkowie WTO, autor: Zotico, źródło:

Members of WTO, author: Zotico, source:

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze informed that within the framework of agreement between the negotiating sides, the details of the talks would not be disclosed. He added: ‘These are very difficult talks. Both sides know each other. Both sides want to gain for their countries as much as possible.’ According to the Minister, Georgia compromises on many issues, while Russian delegation keeps its definite stand.

Minister Grigol Vashadze also said: ‘Georgia is not blocking Russia joining the World Trade Organisation, but it wants to achieve solutions acceptable to both sides.’ He added that Georgia’s expectations have not changed. Russia must fulfil its obligations from 2004 and this is the prerequisite for the positive conclusion of the negotiations. The Minister does not give up hope that the next round of negotiations will bring the agreement.

Russia has been trying to become a WTO member since 1993. Russia’s talks with Georgia, with regard to the former joining the WTO, began in Switzerland in March 2011. So far, Georgia has successfully hindered Russia’s membership in the World Trade Organisation.


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