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Paweł Charkiewicz

Poland: Komorowski Meeting With Yanukovych

Today, on September 29, President Viktor Yanukovych, who is currently in Warsaw at the Eastern Partnership Summit, met with President Bronisław Komorowski in Belweder Palace.

Od lewej: Wiktor Janukowycz i Bronisław Komorowski, autor: Paweł Charkiewicz

From left: Viktor Yanukovych and Bronisław Komorowski, author: Paweł Charkiewicz

After the meeting, at the joint conference both presidents shared with media their after-talks conclusions. First, Polish President praised the engagement of the Ukrainian head of state in modernization of his country. The President added that the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) is within the Ukrainians’ reach and it could be regarded in fact as almost signed. In his opinion, the second stage will be signing the Association Agreement.

Viktor Yanukovych was less willing to reveal details of the talks. He thanked the host of the EaP Summit for professional preparation of the event, but made no direct reference to the DCFTA and also did not comment the preceding speaker’s euro-enthusiasm. The Ukrainian President indicated that for his country the priority is the business sphere, relating to the Eastern Partnership Business Forum, held on occasion of the European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot.

In addition, the Ukrainian head of state declared that he will invite Polish president and prime minister for inauguration of the new stadium in Kiev. In his opinion, “The joint future of Poland and Ukraine should be based on healthy competition and cooperation, as it is taking place during preparations for Euro 2011.” “This is the proof that football has significant influence on political events,” said Bronisław Komorowski while thanking for the invitation.

Both participants of the meeting were courteous and cautious. The president of Ukraine seemed to be especially tense – he was weighing his words when speaking about Ukraine’s engagement in cooperation with the EU. As expected, there was no mention of Yulia Tymoshenko’s trial, currently the media highlight in the Ukraine.

Source: eastbook.euEFNI

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