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Paweł Charkiewicz

Poland: Study Tours To Poland With CEF And – Day #3

Study Tours to Poland with Common Europe Foundation and, Monday, October 17 – day three

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Zdjęcie grupowe w Domu Białoruskim, autor: Anna Woźniak

Group photo at Belarusian House in Warsaw, author: Anna Woźniak

Non-governmental organisations, their structure, activity and development ideas were discussed during our participants’ meeting in Belarusian House. Representatives of Belarusian NGOs functioning in Poland presented their activity and achievements. Then, the representatives of Polish organisation took the floor – Tomek and Paweł from Common Europe Foundation (CEF) introduced our guests to the functioning of The brainstorming we had might bring some novelties to our portal.

By courtesy of MP Jan Ołdakowski, Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum, who treated us to tickets and a tour guide, our participants were able to get to know the history of Warsaw Rising for the first time in their lives. As they later said, they had not been aware of this event and the scale of the tragedy. It was a moment of reflection of the flow of information between our countries.

The study visit is organised by Common Europe Foundation, parent foundation of

Day #1day # 2day # 3day #4day #5day #6day #7day #8day #9

Aleś Zarembiuk o białoruskich organizacjach, autor: Anna Woźniak

Aleś Zarembiuk on Belarusian organisations, author: Anna Woźniak

Uczestnicy STP, autor: Anna Woźniak

STP participants, author: Anna Woźniak

Tomasz Horbowski prowadzi warsztaty, autor: Anna Woźniak

Tomasz Horbowski is holding workshops, author: Anna Woźniak

Uczestnicy z kwiatkiem, autor: Anna Woźniak

The participants and a still life with plant, author: Anna Woźniak

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