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Tomasz Horbowski

Moldova: Cheaper Air Tickets And More Flights – The Country Joining Single European Sky

It seems that quite soon flying to Moldova will become cheaper and more common, and all because of signing an agreement on this country’s entering the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA). The treaty is to liberalize Moldovan air market and open it to cheap carriers.

Port Lotniczy w Kiszyniowie; autor: Zserghei; źródło:

Chisinau International Airport, author: Zserghei, source:

Moldova, right next to Belarus, is among the only European countries where one cannot travel with low-cost airlines. All due to the fact that the local market has been monopolized for years, protecting this way interests of the state carrier. Such situation has been influencing the plane-tickets prize and number of flights, even now relatively small. A cost of a few- day journey from Chisinau to Paris amounts to EUR 430 while a similar travel from Bucharest – EUR 90. Some researches indicate that there would be a decrease of prize by 30, 40 or even 50 percent, which is a great advantage in a country of 800 000 citizens working abroad.

Countries of the Western Balkans, Georgia and Morocco have signed similar agreements with the EU, which is currently facilitating negotiationson the treaties with Ukraine, Israel and Lebanon. The European Commission has already been given a mandate for initiating this process with Tunisia and Algeria. Experts are predicting that by 2012 number of passengers moving through the Chisinau airport will double, reaching a level between 1.5 to 2 million. Victor Bodiu, who is leading the negotiations, claims that not later than in March 2012 Moldova will meet all set conditions. Then, the agreement must be accepted by all EU member states and Moldova will join the Single European Sky initiative by order of the Council of the European Union.

Source: Does Moldova need low-cost airlines?gov.mdMoldpres

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