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Artur Kacprzak

The European Union Regional Cooperation With Eastern Partnership Countries

On November 9, a conference dedicated to regional cooperation between the European Union and partner states of the Eastern Partnership took place in Brussels. This event is the aftermath of another initiative, aimed at strengthening the concept of the EaP within the frame of the Union policy. This time, planting the seeds of collaboration at the regional policy level is on the focus.

Inauguracyjna sesja Dorocznej Konferencji Władz Lokalnych i Regionalnych Partnerstwa Wschodniego w Poznaniu, źródło:

The inauguration session of the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership in Poznan, source:

On November 9, a conference named “Local and Regional Dimension of the Eastern Partnership” was held in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels. The organizers were 16 Polish voivodships and the European Commission. The meeting was attended by Committee of the Regions President Mercedes Bresso, European Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Fule and representatives of the regions and local authorities from all six EaP partner states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). The subject of the conference was presenting Poland’s experience in regards to forming regional policy which this country could share with its EaP partners.

The aforementioned event is an outcome of the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP). It is an initiative within the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, intending to provide the EaP with local and regional dimension. The September inauguration of CORLEAP session took place in Poznan, and the results were presented at the EaP Warsaw Summit. CORLEAP includes 36 local and regional politicians – 18 from the EaP partner states and 18 from the Committee of the Regions. The conference is a platform for regular dialogue among local and regional authorities from both the EU and EaP. The engagement of administration staff at these levels is supposed to empower local and regional governments, and bring the EaP concept closer to its citizens.

More about CORELAP on the Committee of the Regions website

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