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Anna Woźniak

Georgia: 8 Years After The Rose Revolution

On November 23 in Georgia, the eighth anniversary of the Rose Revolution is celebrated – the event was a bloodless change of power conducted by the opposition. 

Rewolucja róż, autor: Government of Georgia Official Photo, źródło:

Rose Revolution, author: Government of Georgia Official Photo, source:

In November 2003, Georgian opposition took to the streets accusing the authorities of falsifying the results of the parliamentary elections. On November 22, a group of oppositionists equipped with red roses barged into the building of the Parliament in Tbilisi. These events forced President Eduard Shevardnadze to resign. The opposition, led by Mikheil Saakashvili and Nino Burjanadze seized power in the country.

After the Rose Revolution, Nino Burjanadze was chosen as the acting head of state, while after another presidential and parliamentary elections, she became Chairperson of the Parliament. Since then, everything has changed. Mikheil Saakashvili has been the President for two terms, while the former ally accuses him of authoritarianism and calls him the enemy of the nation.

The achievement of the Rose Revolution is dissociation from the former Soviet Union. In the course of events, in 2008, after the war with Russia, Georgia lost Abkhazia and South Ossetia. However, it has conducted significant political reforms and signing the Association Agreement with the European Union is just around the corner.

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