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Krzysztof Nieczypor

Ukraine: European Parliament Calls To Sign Association Agreement

On Thursday, December 1, the European Parliament passed a resolution in which it recognized Ukraine as a European country and advocated for signing an association agreement as fast as possible. In addition, the Members of the EP noted in the document the Russian Federation exerting too much pressure on Ukraine.

Wiktor Janukowycz i Jerzy Buzek, autor: Pietro Naj-Oleari, źródło:

Viktor Yanukowych and Jerzy Buzek, author: Pietro Naj-Oleari, source:

On the first day of December, the European Parliament approved a resolution on an association agreement with Ukraine (full text here). Drafted by rapporteur Ryszard Legutko, Polish MEP (ECR), the document reads that “Ukraine is a European state and, pursuant to Article 49 TEU, may apply for membership of the EU.” Furthermore, the strategic importance of Kiev is further emphasized and a recommendation was added “to make the necessary progress in order to achieve the rapid initialling of an EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, preferably by the end of 2011 if possible.” Yet the resolution reads critically on the issue of Yulia Tymoshenko’s imprisonment and other actions against ministers of her cabinet, calling them “revenge.”

Watch the media coverage in Ukraine television [uk]:

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The European Parliament draws attention to the Russian Federation pressuring Ukraine too much to join the Russian customs union together with Belarus and Kazakhstan is unprecedented in the history of EU relations with its partners. On this account, there is another recommendation in the document regarding strengthening “as part of the agreement cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the energy field“ and “a common response mechanism in the event of disturbances or interruptions to oil and gas deliveries from the Russian Federation.” Moreover, according to the MEPs, the European Union ought to “assist, at the same time, the Ukrainian authorities in negotiating the conditions governing the delivery of gas from Russia.”

Watch the media coverage in Ukraine television [uk]:

The resolution calls also for scheduling a date for a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych. In MEP’s opinion, it should take place before December 19 at the EU-Ukraine summit, under the condition, however, that “there is significant progress on both technical and vital political obstacles still in place.” As we have recently informed, at present the major remaining barrier is whether Ukrainian head of state will be at the Summit. On the same day, the president is expected in Moscow at the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC).

Source: PodrobnostiFokusUkrainska PravdaKommersant UkrainaEuropean Parliament

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