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Anna Woźniak

Georgia: Eduard Kokoity Resigned From The Office Of President Of South Ossetia

On December 10, Eduard Kokoity resigned from the position of president of the Republic of South Ossetia in accordance with an agreement signed on Friday, December 9 – the document reads that presidential elections are to be repeated on March 25, 2012. The oppositionist leader Alla Dzhioyeva will be allowed to stand once more for the presidency.

10 grudnia Ccinwali, autor: Vitaly Shushkevich, źródło:

December 10,Tskhinvali, author: Vitaly Shushkevich, source:

In the late afternoon in Tskhinvali, Eduard Kokoity resigned from the presidential office and later he commented: “I am planning to fight for further consolidation of the society and strengthening South Ossetia… Every head of state should feel responsibility for the country and sometimes put away ambition, which should never prevail public interest.”

Since December 11, PM Vadim Brovtsev is holding the office of president and he will continue to do so until at least March 25, 2012. By the signed agreement between Kokoity and Dzhioyeva, the current general prosecutor, his deputy and chief judge are also to relinquish their offices.

The supporters of Alla Dzhioyeva, who are organizing the protests called the Snow Revolution, will also bear the consequences of signing the treaty. On December 10, they ought to dismantle the tents in the major square of Tskhinvali, erected during the events. However, it seems that the demonstrators’ are not going to do this – several of them are feeling betrayed for not all requests from the demand have been met. The leader of protesters does not hide her disappointment regarding the Friday agreement. “[Kokoity] has also made several other appointments, which contradicts the provisions of the agreement, so I reserve the right to withdraw my signature,” said Dzhioyeva in an interview for Interfax. Everybody is holding breath before another frosty night in South Ossetia’s capital.

The High Court decided on repeating presidential elections on March 25, however, contrary to its previous order form November 27, Alla Dzhioyeva will be allowed to run for the office.

Source: Kavkaz-uzeł [1], [2], [1], [2]

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Translated by KD

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