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Łukasz Grajewski

Belarus: Less Money For Education (List Of Belarusian Universities)

Belarus is struggling with an economical crisis. The authorities are forced to make severe budget cuts, which in the end the education sector will not avoid.

New halls of the Belarusian State University on the outskirts of Minsk, source: Wikimedia

On 19 December, Belarusian deputies passed the budget project for the upcoming year. Minister of Finance Andrei Kharkovets assured that the budget planning priorities are to be public health, education and science. The science sector alone will receive BYR 23 billion billion (USD 1 = ca. BYR 8, 500 – ed. note). Behind this seemingly astronomical sum, there lays the unknown, for the Belarusian currency is systematically falling. According to portal, the sum assigned for education equals 4.67 percent of the state budget, and is one of the lowest amounts during last decade. Even in 2001, funds for this sector came to 6.3 percent of the budget. The process of country tightening the belt is reflected in ministerial decision concerning the education department. Even last year, national higher education establishments were required to economize. Funds for research, conferences and repairs were diminished.

In a ranking, created by Spanish analysts, of the best universities in the world, Belarusian institutions did not even reach the first one thousand – Belarusian State University took the 1208th place, while Hrodna State University – 3103.

Check the list of Belarusian higher education schools.


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