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New Year’s Eve Music Compilation from the Eastern Partnership

Today we are celebrating the New Year’s Eve, so enough with politics, economy and high culture. Tonight we’re going to party. Hard. For our Eastbook’s readers we’ve prepared this music compilation of 10 songs from the Eastern Partnership countries we all love immensely. Join us! Feel the EaP music!

Music Note Bokeh

autor: Danie Paxton, źródło: Flickr

10. THE TOOBES – My Generation (Belarus)

Young and energetic rockers from Belarusian The Toobes have two records to their credit. The perfect soundtrack before the New Year’s Eve party.

9. STRING – Axali weli (Georgia)

Once again, Georgian rock, but with a nostalgic hint: String singing nicely about the upcoming year.

8. MIHRAN TSARUKYAN & LILIT HOVHANNISYAN – Inchu em qez sirum (Armenia)

And a piece for a pair spending the evening together. Love complications sound beautiful in Armenian, don’t they?

7. O-ZONE – Dragostea Din Tei (Moldova)

Hardly anyone links the band which screwed up the summer in 2004 to Chisinau. They emigrated to Romania seeking success. And they could have stayed in Moldova…

6. ELDAR & NIGAR – Running Scared (Azerbaijan)

These two brought the Eurovision contest to Baku. While listening, we can plan our visit in Azerbaijan.

5. LOLITA & QUEST PISTOLS – Ты Похудела (Ukraine)

The specialty of the Ukrainian show-biz are unorthodox artists. Just check the members of Quest Pistols. And their hairstyles. And costumes. Get inspired – tonight is the perfect night to steal their style.

4. LYAPIS TRUBETSKOY – Ne Byts Skotam (Belarus)

In case of energy lacking this evening, we suggest this revolutionary march by Lyapis Trubetskoy.

3. სტეფანე – ძალათ ჯორჯ მაიკლი (Georgia)

Yes, for sure it’s a cover of our beloved Last Christmas – the plague the radio stations almost everywhere are spreading each year before Christmas. The Georgian version hurts even more. Great when we want to get rid of guests.

2. MIRAMI & VOVA ZI LVOVA – Sexualna (Ukraine)

Krzysztof Nieczypor, head of Eastbook’s Ukrainian section, privately a fan of metal, is recommending this dance smash hit. Trust us, this is the Pop Music Authority speaking.

1. SIRUSHO – I Like It (Armenia)

The male part of our Team has decided: no way this charming Armenian Sirusho (full name: Siranush Harutyunyan) would be absent from our compilation. We foretell her international success.
So… Have a great time and all the best in the year 2012!

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