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Krzysztof Nieczypor

Ukraine: Tymoshenko Transferred To Penal Colony

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, sentenced to 7-year imprisonment for power abuse in signing gas contracts with Russia in 2009, was transported from Kiev detention centre to women’s penal colony in Kharkov. The opposition suggest that the transfer of the rebellious politician is President Viktor Yanukovych’s personal revenge.

Julia Tymoszenko, źródło: European People's Party

Yulia Tymoshenko, author: European People

Yulia Tymoshenko, on the eve of the last day of 2011, was transferred to Kachanovska penal colony No.54 in Kharkov. According to her lawyers, the ex-PM left the centre at 5 am, when she was taken to a police wagon in a wheelchair. The leader of opposition had been for some time complaining about spine pains, not allowing for free movement.

However, the penitentiary service informed that the former PM was transferred at 8 am instead of 5 am. “Before departure, Tymoshenko was examined by doctors who stated that her health allowed her to be moved… [She went in] a comfortable minivan with every convenience (bio-toilet, a washbasin and two sofas), whilst a separate vehicle delivered her luggage, consisting of 12 suitcases,” we read in the official announcement of State Penitentiary Service.

See the new location of Yulia Tymoshenko:

In the opinion of Alexandr Turchynov, the deputy chief of “Batkivshchyna,” Tymoshenko’s transfer is a New Year’s gift from President Viktor Yanukovych to the opposition’s leader. Turchynov claims it is a revenge for the open letter to the Ukrainian leader the former PM published a few days ago. In the slightly mocking “Letter to a dictator,” Tymoshenko warns the head of state against the end similar to that of Muammar Gaddafi, another dictator.

Also Ukrainian media announced that the new location of the former head of government is nothing but an accidental choice. In 2009, during the flu pandemic (“the swine flu”), Yulia Tymoshenko, as the PM, ordered protective masks to be made exactly in the Kachanovska penal colony. The masks were to be distributed among citizens without charge. However, her government did not pay and left the debt to Yanukovych’s new team.

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