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Krzysztof Nieczypor

Ukraine: Escalation of the Gas Conflict

On 17 January, another round of Ukrainian-Russian negotiations on the change of gas sale conditions was held in Moscow. The talks of the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko and Deputy Chairman of Russian Gazprom did not bring any results. 

Władimir Putin i Aleksiej MIller, źródło:

Vladimir Putin and Alexei Miller, author: Presidential Press and Information Office, source:

According to the press service of Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, the talks between Minister Yiriy Boyko and President of Gazprom Alexei Miller were marked by the “constructive atmosphere” and both sides “agreed on continuing the talks on the purchase and transit of Russian gas until they reach a full agreement”. It simply means that the negotiations ended in a fiasco.

The reason for the lengthening gas conflict are Ukrainian demands of lowering the prices of gas from Russia. The observers point to offensive attitude of Ukraine in the talks with the Federation. In January, Ukrainian oil concern – Naftogaz – three times reduced the import of Russian gas, increasing drawing from its own deposits. Simultaneously, Ukrainian authorities announced further limitation of the import from Russia to 27 billion cubic metres and using other than their neighbours’ sources of gas. Russia, not used to concessions in the matter of energy, makes tough conditions for the potential lowering of the prices and demand selling Ukrainian Naftogaz to Russian Gazprom together with the whole infrastructure of gas transport in Ukraine.

Watch the coverage on Ukrainian TV [ua]:

The gas conflict has moved also to other fields of Ukrainian-Russian trade exchange. Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia Gennadiy Onishchenko claimed that there had been a “considerable deterioration in quality of cheese from Ukraine” and announced the increased control of dairy produce coming form this country. In response, State Veterinary Service of Ukraine accused Russia of lack of control on slaughter and meat trade. According to Chief Sanitary Inspector of Ukraine Ivan Bisyuk, as a result of this action Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia may be in danger of African cholera outbreak. Bisyuk also invited Russian partners to Ukraine, so that they could learn Ukrainian standards of meat production and storage.

Watch the coverage on Ukrainian TV [ua]:

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Translated by Marta Lityńska

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