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Paweł Charkiewicz

Armenia: Expressing Appreciation

Hundreds of manifestants in front of the Yerevan’s French Embassy were chanting ”Vive la France” and a newborn child was named Sarkozy. This is how Armenians reacted to passing the bill on penalizing denial of genocide in France.

Nowo narodzony ormiański Sarkozy, źródł

Newborn Armenian Sarkozy, source:

As an Armenian radio informed, basing on news from AFP, President Nicolas Sarkozy is to sign the bill passed by the French senate on 23 January. The new law criminalizes the Armenian genocide, among others, and in such cases imposes a fine of EUR 45,000 and up to a year of imprisonment.

Immediately after passing the bill, an enthusiastic crowd gathered in front of the French Embassy’s building in Yerevan, shouting “Merci” and “Vive la France”, and singing patriotic chants. French Ambassador Henri Renaud came outside to the celebrating citizens to accept their thanks and also to show his own satisfaction with the decision of his country’s senate. The Armenian President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister expressed their appreciation for the French regulations. In Gyumri, parents of a newborn baby named him Sarkozy, as a symbol of gratitude for the French nation’s action

Watch the crowd celebrating in front of the French Embassy in Yerevan:

Source:[mappress mapid=”1011″]

Translated by KD

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