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Paweł Charkiewicz

Armenia: US Ambassador on Trade Cooperation And Local Elections

On 15 February, John Heffern, the US Ambassador to Armenia, held a press conference in Yerevan. The subjects raised during the meeting included Armenian-US cooperation and last week’s local elections.

Ambasada USA w Erywaniu, źródło:

The US Embassy in Yerevan, source:

The US diplomat reported on the development of trade cooperation between Armenia and the US, enhanced through the help from the USAID programme . Within the framework of this programme, the Pragma Corporation and Armenian Ministry of Economy initiated a project in Armenia  aimed at creating conditions enabling development of small and medium sized enterprises as well as of competition in local market. All thanks to promotion of innovative initiatives and increasing potential of labour force.“Armenia and the U.S. have vast potential for deepening trade ties … Hopefully this project will foster further development of bilateral relations”, said the head of US diplomatic mission in Armenia.

Asked for sharing his opinion on recent local elections, held in Armenia at the end of last week, Heffern said that he had talked to representatives of the Central Electoral Commission and several observers, and “was pleased to see that the polling stations were in order. Both sides affirmed that the elections were transparent”. However, the diplomat underlined that barring access of US observers to polling stations in Hrazdan was a cause for concern. The Ambassador promised that he would take special effort to ensure that international observers would supervise the voting process during the upcoming elections – parliamentary held in May in 2012 and presidential in 2013.

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