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Łukasz Grajewski

Belarus: Who Stole Eurovision National Finals

The Eurovision Song Contest has a wide appeal in Belarus. A scandal that broke during national finals forced the very head of state to intervene in the matter.

And the winner is..., author: Anna Ivanova, source:

Belarusians watching the TV broadcast casted their voice in majority for a tear-jerking and doleful ballad “All my life” sung by Alena Lanskaya, whom Belarusian media call “an artist of outstanding merit “and no one knows why. Alena won against a group called Litesound, among others. Their pleasant pop-rock piece “We are the heroes” took the second place. It was the band’s sixth (sic) attempt in the contest, so certainly they just grinned and bore it.

However, after announcement of the results, it turned out that… the Department of Culture in Vitebsk prompted people to vote for Lanskaya. Letters of appeal were sent for instance to local school headmasters, and that was the last straw. President Lukashenko appointed a special commission of representatives from ministries and experts on information securities. The investigation concluded: the actual winner is Litesound. So, while wondering for whom Bat’ka voted, let’s listen to the two finalists.

+ Alena Lanskaya “All my life”:

+ Litesound “We are the heroes”:

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Translated by KD

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