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Krzysztof Nieczypor

Ukraine: The Government Blames the EU

First was the Foreign Minister of Ukraine and his article published in the Mirror Weekly. Then, it was Ukrainian Prime Minister and his interview for German Die Welt. They both made an assessment of the Ukraine – European Union relations. And they agreed that the process of Euro integration has been suspended and that the Union is to blame for it. 

Budynek Ministerstwa Spraw Zaganicznych Ukrainy, autor: Dmytro Sergiyenko, źródło:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine building, author: Dmytro Sergiyenko, source:

In his article “Strategic balance as Ukraine’s chance in the multipolar world”, Konstantin Hryshchenko claims that the European Union has currently no capability of accepting more countries, for the Union itself is in crisis – economic, geopolitical and ideological. “The EU was a response to all the problems as long as it financed and directed the transformation of candidate countries. Today, the Union does not want to (objectively, it even cannot) perceive Ukraine as a candidate for a member”, writes Hryshchenko. “This can change in the future but we now have to accept reality, which will directly influence European policy within the next 10 years”, he adds.

According to the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, this does not mean the complete resignation of Ukraine from Euro integration: “The EU is important to us as an instruction manual for building our own home. In our case, the European integration means a successful implementation of European regulations in Ukraine”.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in an interview for Die Welt explicitly blames the European Union for the lack of progress in the process of Euro integration of Ukraine: “We have made every effort during the negotiations. The agreement is practically ready. And now, after many years of talks, the whole process is put into “a big closet” for some made-up reasons. That is why we are disappointed”, said Azarov.

When asked a question of who is to blame for that, the Prime Minister answered that it was not Ukraine but the Union, who “put aside the agreement”.  Commenting on the journalist’s rejoinder that the reason for the agreement not being initialled was Yulia Tymoshenko’s trial, Azarov said: “What is the significance of this trial for democracy in Ukraine? This person concluded a contract with Russia in 2009, when she was a prime minister. Now, our country suffers for her decision. She signed the agreement without the minister’s consent. Would not a prime minister of the EU state be punished for this kind of misconduct?”

Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, InoPressa, Gazeta Prawna

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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