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Artur Kacprzak

Open Letter About Closing the Visual Culture Research Center at NaUKMA

With regard to closing the Visual Culture Research Center at NaUKMA, team joins in the circle of signatories to an open letter by Res Publica Nowa and calls on the President of NaUKMA Serhiy Kvit to resume the Center’s activity and reopen the “Ukrainian Body” exhibition. 

Stary budynek Akademii Kijowsko-Mohylańskiej, autor: Silin2005, źródło:

Old building of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - VCRC headquarters, author: Silin2005, source:

Open letter about closing the Visual Culture Research Center at NaUKMA

Prof. Serhiy Kvit,
President of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Dear Mr. Kvit,

We would like to express our astonishment and concern related to your decision on suspending operations of the Visual Culture Research Center. We ask you to reconsider your decision out of regard for the Academy’s good name and preservation of culture of debate, to which the place is favourable.
We were guests of the Center during the Free Speech Partnership in autumn 2011, together with 35 editorial teams of intellectual and cultural magazines from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. The Center gave us an opportunity of the first meeting and first open debate among liberal, conservative and leftist magazines from the three countries. Importantly, the editors concentrated on analysis and comparison of threats to freedom of speech emerging in the modern world. The common opinion of the participants was condemnation of non-essential pressure that is put on artistic circles. At the same time, representing many contradictory opinions, we agreed on not agreeing about many other matters and discuss them further in the belief that the level of the debate depends mainly on the ability to continue it.
We ask you to allow for further activity of the Visual Culture Research Center, which is to the benefit of the Academy.
With kind regards, Team

More on the matter in the Pawel Pieniazek’s interview with an activist from VCRC Oleksyiy Radynski in Political Critique and on VCRC website.

The letter has already been signed by: Wojciech Przybylski (Res Publica Nowa), Leszek Jażdżewski (Liberte), Iryna Magdysz (Dialog-Lwow), Kateryna Botanova (Korydor), Marek Wasilewski (Czas Kultury), Mateusz Luft (Kontakt), Marek Łuszczyna (Bluszcz), Łukasz Jasina (Kultura Liberalna), Alexander Sych (Istorychna panorama), Timofiej and Lyumila Homlyak (Artvertep – Dnepropetrovsk), Artur Kacprzak (Eastbook), Dominika Kozłowska (Miesięcznik Znak).

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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