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Tomasz Horbowski

Moldova: Rogozin Will Take Care of Transnistria

Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and former ambassador to NATO, was appointed the special representative of the Russian President for Transnistria. This is a clear sign that Moscow does not intend to change its rather cool relations with Chisinau. 

Dmitrij Rogozin, wicepremier Federacji Rosyjskiej; autor: A.Savin; źródło:

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; author: A.Savin; source:

“20 years after the war, I’m starting to study the conflict’s documentation”, Dmitry Rogozin tweeted on 21 March, informing that President Medvedev appointed him as representative for Transnistria. Rogozin is considered Vladimir Putin’s man and his appointment- in many experts’ opinion – indicates that Russia will not make any concessions, when it comes to solving the conflict. For the last years (2006-2011), Rogozin was Russia’s ambassador to NATO and became famous for his unfavourable comments on Europe and the US in August 2011. He posted on his Facebook profile Radoslaw Sikorski’s photos from 1986 from Afghanistan, captioning them: “Radoslaw Sikorski, Foreign Minister of Poland. I wonder how many Russians he killed.”
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Oazu Nantoi, analyst at the Moldovan Institute of Public Affairs, states that appointing Rogozin as representative for Transnistria unambiguously denotes that “Russia does not care for solving the conflict”. Nantoi also claims that “Vladimir Putin will strive to get back to the so-called Kozak Memorandum rejected by Chisinau in 2003. The proposal covered for federalisation of Moldova. Moscow does not take into account finding a different solution to the conflict”, says the expert. The leader of Transnistria Yevgeny Shevchuk has announced that he hopes for effective cooperation with Rogozin, while “Renewal”, the majority party in the Transnistrian Parliament, considers the nomination of Rogozin “a proof of new quality of Russia’s policy towards Transnistria”. This is to be supported by the Russian Security Council’s decision on granting Tiraspol non-repayable financial aid of USD 150 million. The Foreign Ministry of Moldova was the only one that received the news on Rogozin’s nomination with surprise. Rogozin himself is planning to go to Transnistria in April and has just announced that he is now heading Committee for Trade Cooperation with Moldova.
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Source: Kommersant, NR2[mappress mapid=”1285″]

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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