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Łukasz Grajewski

pARTisan & Kultura Enter – Polish-Belarusian Magazine on Art

Journals from two cities – Belarusian Minsk and Polish Lublin – joined forces to address issues critical to cultural life of both countries.

Three consecutive issues of pARTisan & Kultura Enter, source:

pARTisan was created in 2002. From its very beginning, the journal, edited by Artur Klinau, an architect and prose writer, set a goal of following trends of contemporary art in Belarus. Although state authorities have never cared for art, particularly the contemporary one, the editorial team of pARTisan managed to stay in the market as well as to preserve independence.

Last year, pARTisan found a fellow publisher ready to support the Belarusian initiative – Kultura Enter, managed by a team from Lublin and associated with Warsztaty Kultury, a cultural institution. Since 2008, Kultura Enter has been exploring contemporary art (yes, indeed!), sociology, literature and multiculturalism within the Belarus-Poland-Ukraine triangle. Both Belarus and Ukraine had already been structural elements of the journal, and therefore the collaboration between pARTisan and Kultura Enter was a natural consequence.

With support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish-Belarusian team published three issues of a joint journal called pARTisan & Kultura Enter. Their pages are filled with in-depth articles, artists’ profiles and worth noting trends allowing readers to know neighbours better, in particular from the cultural side, and even more so because of a bilingual edition. The issues are available for free on Kultura Enter’s website.

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Translated by KD

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Łukasz Grajewski

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