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Łukasz Grajewski

Belarus: Vasil Bykau’s Prose in Cinemas Soon

Vasil Bykau’s prose disenchants the post-war myth surrounding a Soviet soldier. In his works, the Belarusian writer removed those serving in the Red Army from their pedestal, smearing mud on their faces and souls. Right now, director Sergei Loznitsa, the creator of the phenomenal “My Joy”, is ending his work on a film version of Bykau’s novel “In the Fog”.

Kadr z filmu

A frame of “In the Fog”, source:

Loznitsa, though he is currently living in Germany, was born in Baranovichi, Belarus. Not by accident, he undertook the task of making a film version of Bykau’s prose. In his film from 2011 “My Joy”, the director takes his audience for a dreamlike trip far to the Russian province. And the farer they go, they more savage the human nature becomes. This brutal psychologism was also characteristic of Vasil Bykau’s novels. Instead of mythicized propaganda regarding the Second World War, the writer dissected the phantoms of the conflict. Not victorious armies but lone men in dirty uniforms are the heroes of his stories, fighting rather with themselves than outside enemies.

Working on “In the Fog” comes to its end. The creator gathers fund through the Internet in order to close the post-production process. The sum of EUR 50,000 is still needed, and every fan of cinema can contribute by visiting and donating. If everything goes according to the plan, this, without a doubt, extraordinary film will be finished in May this year.

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