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Łukasz Grajewski

[Applications] Eurobus – 5: Creative Communities on the Way to the EU (Deadline: 10 April)

Open call for participating


the “Eurobus-5: Creative Communities on the Way to the EU” project

What is the “Eurobus” project?

Eurobus is an annual project that consists of a two-week dynamic bus journey to Ukrainian rural areas with an international crew of young leaders from the EU member-states (8 persons) and Ukraine (4 persons).


The team will:

  • + have meetings with youth from rural locations in Ukraine;
  • + conduct informal discussions on issues of Ukraine’s European choice;
  • + make seminars and training sessions about civil activism, volunteering, NGO work, etc.;
  • + realize little projects initiated by local youth.


What for:

  • + To break the stereotypes about Ukraine and the EU;
  • + To encourage youth activity in rural Ukraine;
  • + To provide rural youth with information about opportunities for self-development in the EU and Ukraine;
  • + To uncover the unknown Ukraine for youth from the EU;
  • + To develop intercultural dialogue and foster international cooperation through mentoring.


Terms and conditions.

The project will provide you both with accommodation (mostly in host Ukrainian families, partly in hostels) and food. Also, Eurobus will reimburse a minor part of your travel costs from the home-place to Warsaw and back (approximately 100 EUR).

The project will start on May 11 in Warsaw with an ice-breaking session, continue with Schuman parade on May 12, 2012 and an introductory training in Lviv on May 13. The journey across Ukraine will last May 13-26.


Can I apply?

If you are:

  • + Highly motivated and want to join the intercultural dialogue;
  • + Have experience in youth work: leadership, facilitating, volunteering, training in any projects;
  • + Want to share your knowledge and experience with Ukrainian youth;
  • + Aware of creative approaches to problem-solving, or use these methods in your work;
  • + Like challenging and inspiring journeys;
  • + Have spare time from May, 11 to May, 27 2011 to spend in Poland and Ukraine;
  • + Aged 18 – 35 years old;
  • + A citizen of the EU.

then we’ll be happy to show you the fascinating Ukraine, and help you get acquainted to interesting Ukrainian youth.

Speaking Ukrainian or Russian as well as NGO membership is an advantage.

Why to apply?

  • + You might have no other chance to see the pure Ukrainian culture in its non-globalized form – the original Ukrainian identity can be found only in rural locations;
  • + This journey will become for you a key to make friends with interesting young people from the EU, and Ukraine;
  • + You will get great experience of conducting training, realizing mini-projects, communicating with rural youth. This all can serve you a really good job in future;
  • + You will have a chance to escape the routine and enter a completely new world for 2 weeks. Make sure, you’ll never forget this journey!

What are my responsibilities in the project?

During the project participants will:

  • + Conducting trainings and making presentations on opportunities for self-development, youth work, civil activism, volunteering and similar topics;
  • + Participating in common activities initiated by local youth;
  • + Choose for mentoring an idea of local youth to help with its further realization;
  • + Communicate with local youth and their families;
  • + Present your countries, cultures and the EU as a whole.

Have some questions?

Visit our web page:

or contact our core team:

[email protected],


+3986450982 – Anton

To apply, please fill in the application form and send it to

Deadline for applying is April 10, 2012 (23:00 CET)


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