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Łukasz Grajewski

Poland: We Reveal the Secret of “Solidarity With Belarus”

Another edition of the “Solidarity with Belarus” concert is held in the centre of Warsaw on Sunday at 7:00 pm. The organisers from the Free Belarus Initiative reveal the latest news about the line-up for the concert. 

Paula i Karol wystapią na scenie Solidarnych, źródło:

New artists in the line-up for the concert, source:

Paula & Karol duet joined the group of artists who confirmed their performance at the concert. For the last two years, the band has delighted Polish audience with their capturing, warm songs, which balance somewhere between alternative pop and folk music. The fact that Paula & Karol decided to express their solidarity with Belarus is not all: “We’re preparing a happening, in which the whole audience of the concert will participate”, says Agnieszka Arana Iturri from the Free Belarus Initiative. “We can’t tell you the details, since we need people to react spontaneously”, she explains.

Build democracy, not regime” campaign, conducted by, will have its stand at the concert, where you’ll be able to sign our petition calling on the EU politicians to conduct coherent and democracy-oriented policy towards Belarus.

The concert will be the seventh edition of the “Solidarity with Belarus” event. The stage will be in Parade Square, in front of the Palace of Culture. The entrance is free of charge. The line-up includes: Habakuk, Vavamuffin, R.U.T.A., Maleo Reggae Rockers, Zmitser Vajtsiusjkevitj and Recha. is a media partner of the concert.

Paula & Karol – “Calling”:

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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