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Anna Woźniak

STP Poland: Visiting Podlasie

The Podlasie part of the STP programme is full of history and regional attractions. We got to know traditions of breeding pure blood Arab horses and we took a boat trip along the Bug River.

Wizyta w stadninie koni, autor: Anna Woźniak

A stud farm, autor: Anna Woźniak

Saturday – the second day spent in the Podlasie region – was a perfect day for rest and relaxation. Yet we deprived our group of the sweet siesta time and right after breakfast we took everyone to Sarnaki. Thanks to Paweł, the participants had a chance to get to know the history of the town, the local school and brewery. In front of the V-2 rocket monument, our speaker vividly described the facts behind the German “Wunderwaffe” project and the reason why Sarnaki was chosen the perfect spot for the monument.

Next, we visited the local Holy Trinity Church. Not a long distance away, there is a stud farm of pure blood Arab horses and small but sturdy Fjord horses. This part of the STP agenda included obligatory stroking of the animals and feeding them with apples and sugar.

STP w trakcie wizyty w Janowie Podlaskim, autor: Anna Woźniak

STP in Janow Podlaski, author: Anna Woźniak

STP w trakcie wizyty w Janowie Podlaskim, autor: Anna Woźniak

STP in Janów Podlaski, author: Anna Woźniak

Enjoying the excellent weather, we moved towards Gnojno village to admire landscapes of the Bug River from a high scarp. On the way back, we visited Fronołów – its post-industrial atmosphere contrasted with Gnojno’s idyllic surroundings – and the “Urocza” resort, where we took a trip along the river. The last stop before the dinner time was a railway bridge in Fronołów. We ended the day with a campfire, celebrating the 21st birthday of one of STP participants.

21st birthday, author: Anna Woźniak

Study Tours to Poland was launched in 2004 and is part of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation’s “Region in Transition – RITA” Program, conducted since 2000 by the Education for Democracy Foundation. The Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe from Wrocław has been the STP coordinator since 2007. The “Borussia” Foundation from Olsztyn coordinates STP for students. The study visit from 17 to 29 April 2012 is conducted by Common Europe Foundation, the parent foundation of our portal

 Translated by KD

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