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Paweł Charkiewicz

European Diplomacy Workshop: Training the Future Diplomatic Cadre of the Eastern Partnership States

The third edition of the European Diplomacy Workshop (EDW) was inaugurated in headquarters of the European Academy of Diplomacy on Monday 23 April. The five-day long course – focusing on the European Union and its Eastern Partnership programme, methods of negotiations, diplomatic protocol and regulations of diplomats’ work – is attended by 23 persons from 17 countries. Besides citizens of EaP states, the workshop group includes guests from China, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the US.

Warsztaty z zakresu negocjacji międzynarodowych prowadzone przez Davida Koschela, autor: Jason Worlledge, źródło: EAD

WWorkshop on international negotiations led by David Koschel, author: Jason Worlledge, source: EAD

The programme of the workshop abounds with various classes: from a complex training in professional negotiations – their rules and regulations – to lectures about functioning of the European Union. The EDW members meet with renowned diplomats, for example the Director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung or the first Polish EU Commissioner Danuta Hubner.

The participants have a chance to know what goes on backstage of a diplomat’s job. Through the courtesy of the German Embassy in Warsaw, we could participate in a meeting with Andreas Kruger, First Counsellor (Political Affairs) of the Embassy. We also visited the Polish Foreign Ministry where our host was Artur Michalski, Director of the Eastern Department. Each meeting is a great occasion for asking diplomats many questions. The main themes remain Polish foreign policy, in particular its Eastern dimension, for instance: Polish approach towards Belarus, frozen conflict in the Caucasus – South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karbakh – and Poland’s attitude towards the process of improving relations between Armenia and Turkey.

Spotkanie uczestników EDW z Andreasem Krugerem w ambasadzie RFN, autor: Jason Worlledge, źródło: EAD

EDW participants meet with Andreas Kruger in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, author: Jason Worlledge, source: EAD

The participants are fully engaged in the programme and lecturers must be prepared for many questions deepening the subjects addressed during the classes. As an EDW member from Poland, I am also frequently asked about the political situation in my country, moods of Polish society and life of fellow young citizens. The EDW is a great opportunity for sharing experience among young adepts of the art of diplomacy from various countries.

Uczestnicy EDW z szefem Departamentu Wschodniego MSZ Arturem Michalskim, autor: Jason Worlledge, źródło: EAD

EDW participants meet with Artur Michalski, Eastern Department of Polish MFA, author: Jason Worlledge, source: EAD is a media patron of the European Diplomacy Workshop, organized by the European Academy of Diplomacy in cooperation with PZU S.A. and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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Translated by KD

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