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Anna Woźniak

STP Poland: Political Monday

Politics dominated Monday, for we tried to present the functioning of Polish political life to our STP group.

Punkt informacyjny Komisji Europejskiej, autor: Anna Woźniak

The information centre of the European Commission,, author: Anna Woźniak

We started our Monday tour in the Information Point of the European Commission where Rafał Rudnicki explained how this EU institution works. Next we visited the Nożyk Synagogue to get to know the history of Warsaw Jews.

At 2 pm we had a prearranged meeting in the Sejm and Senat (houses of the Polish National Assembly) to show STP participants the arena of a political struggle in Poland. There we met with MP Michał Szczerba who described a daily life and duties of a member of the Sejm, and also the beginnings of his own political career.

STP w Sejmie i Senacie, autor: Anna Woźniak

STP in the Sejm and Senat, author: Anna Woźniak

After a delicious vegetarian dinner, we made for the College of Eastern Europe to meet with Jerzy Rejtan, Director of the Study Tours to Poland programme. Thanks to Lena Prusinowska, we left with a better knowledge about the Programme – its rules of launching and financing.

Wizyta w Kolegium Europy Wschodniej, autor: Anna Woźniak

In the College of Eastern Europem author: Anna Woźniak

In the Warsaw district called Nowolipie, we stumbled upon another STP group with whom we later spent some integration quality time.

Study Tours to Poland was launched in 2004 and is part of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation’s “Region in Transition – RITA” Program, conducted since 2000 by the Education for Democracy Foundation. The Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe from Wrocław has been the STP coordinator since 2007. The “Borussia” Foundation from Olsztyn coordinates STP for students. The study visit from 17 to 29 April 2012 is conducted by Common Europe Foundation, the parent foundation of our portal

Translated by KD 

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