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Paweł Lickiewicz

[International Voluntary Service] Cordis Hospice in Poland

We would like to invite you to participate in unusual, though difficult experience in providing care for dying people. The International Voluntary Service in our center in in Katowice, Poland, aims mainly at helping people who are in the last stage of cancer. We have great experience and we have been working continuously for22 years supporting not only terminally ill people but also their friends and families.


The Cordis Hospice goal is to continuously take care of persons in the last stage of cancer and other conditions, providing versatile, specialist and free care for our residents and their families. In our center, we conduct trainings focusing on the proper proceedings to ease the pain and other symptoms that are characteristic for cancer. We cooperate with different hospice centers in our country and abroad. The Cordis Hospice is a modern center with full-time unit for both adults and children with the whole infrastructure and technology. The full-time hospice has 38 rooms including 9 for children. Each room has been adapted to accommodate an ill child or an adult with a family or a caregiver.

WHAT DOES THE VOLUNTEER DO (selected tasks)?

1. Medical volunteer may:

  • assist nurses and health carers with feeding and nursing patients at the Adult Unit (toilets, washing patients);
  • assist with cleaning on Hospice units, in Clinics, in the Day Care Center, at patients’ own houses;
  • assist with preparing meals and drinks for patients;
  • at a patient’s request accompany him/her or listen to him/her;
  • accompany a patient’s family (at their request);
  • assist with organizing events and holidays, charity concerts, volunteers meetings that are held in the patients and their relatives presence.

2. A voluteer who work at a patient’s home may in particular:

  • assist a patient in performing rehabilitation exercises following doctor and physical therapist’s instructions;
  • assist doctors, nurses, physical therapists, at their request, during house appointments;
  • assist family and other persons with personal hygiene activities and nursing a patient.

3. Non-medical voluteer may:

  • performs different works on the Hospice grounds and its surroundings, that do not require direct contact with patients, for example, cleaning, watching the garden, fixing uncomplicated Hospice equippment etc.

4. Cooperative volunteer may:

  • participate in organizing, preparing and performing charity concerts organized for the benefit of the Hospice;
  • participate in collecting funds for the benefit of the Hospice, hospice care meetings, stays, campaigns, for example, painting Easter eggs campaign, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus honey campaign or preparing holiday cards.


    • accommodation in the Hostel in single or double rooms with a bathroom for the entire duration of the voluntary service. The Hostel for volunteers is located in the Hospice building;
    • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and drinks during work for the entire duration of the voluntary service;
    • Polish language courses of at least 3 hours weekly;
    • mentoring during the voluntary work;
    • tutor’s assistance during the entire stay;
    • assistance with the transfer airport/train station – the Hospice, the Hospice – airport/train station;

Should you have any questions write to us and we will be happy to give you answers to all your questions on voluntary service and we will resolve your doubts. Perhaps our Patron, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus’s words “Love is above all” will be just your share. Join us!


International Voluntary Service

Agnieszka Laskowska

tel.: +48 500194751

e-mail: [email protected]

skype: matrioszka.ines


The Cordis Hospice

Civic Association Cordis Hospice

ul. T. Ociepki 2, 40-413 Katowice

Silesia, Poland




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