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Irina Komazova

Belarus: Social Media Moderators Are Arrested

At the end of August in Minsk several moderators of opposition groups from the social network “VKontakte” were detained. KGB (State Security Committee) also cracked the largest online community in the social network called “We’re tired of this Lukashenko” with more than 37,000 members, and “Only ШОС!” (ШОС is a kind of damn) with 15,000 users.

Александр Лукашеко - настоящий антигерой в белорусском Интернете, автор: mb7art, источник: flickr

Alexander Lukasheko is a real anti-hero in the Belarusian Internet, author: mb7art, source: flickr

Pavel Evtihiev, a moderator of the group “We’re tired of this Lukashenko”, was charged of “disorderly conduct” and sentenced to 5 days of detention by the court of Oktiabrskij district in Minsk. His colleague moderating the group “Only ШОС”, Andrei Tkachev, is at the moment in jail at Okrestsino (a temporary containment cell). He was arrested while visiting his girlfriend and sentenced to seven days of detention.

Oleg Shamruk, the creator of the group “We’re tired of this Lukashenko”, was released after questioning by KGB, after being accused of illegal excavations. Friends warned Sergei Bespalov, who moderated one of the opposition groups in the social network – he is currently in a safe place in Russia and has no plans to return to Belarus. Since the leader of the initiative “Liapis Trubetskoy – free concert in Minsk” Roman Protasiewicz turned out to be underaged, after questioning, threats and beatings he was released.

The technical support of the network “VKontakte” has not provided any answers to a remained at large moderator, that’s why the social media group “We’re tired of this Lukashenko” has been recreated. Now it counts about 1,500 members. Also they managed to save the meeting “Liapis Trubetskoy – free concert in Minsk” and it still has all the 45,000 members. Now it is under control of the moderator, who remains at large.

Source: Charter 97 

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