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Artur Kacprzak

Time to Vote: Build e-Democracy// Play&Learn Campaign (Freedom House IGF Incubator Project)

Our Common Europe Foundation – the publisher – has a chance to win support from the Freedom House IGF Incubator Project!

Freedom House IGF Incubator Project logo, source:

Please read about our concept: a retro-multi-level-online-8-bit game raising awareness of threats against democracy around the world:

In March 2012, the Common Europe Foundation from Poland launched the “Build democracy, not regime” campaign to draw attention to the necessity of adapting coherent EU policy towards Belarus, basing on democratic values. On the website, we were able to defeat Alexander Lukashenko in a simple online game.

By the way, President Lukashenko looked like a retro 8-bit Mario (the legend!). The game was fun, but the problem was real, therefore after playing everybody could read some news about the problem, sign a petition and tweet to EU politicians about the issue of tolerating the regime in Belarus. It was a very spontaneous, simple, but effective campaign. Thanks to it we have appeared in newspapers and blogs around the Europe .

Now we would like to continue the good concept from the “Build Democracy, Not Regime” campaign, touching new topics regarding civil & human rights in various countries. We still want our campaign to have a retro-8-bit-nerd-hipster look, we still want to spread a word about democracy and invite our visitors to play and learn something about the world around us.

BUILD E-DEMOCRACY//Play&Learn (by Łukasz Grajewski)

Support us: vote for our project (you have time till 21st September)!

Thank you!

Artur Kacprzak, Chairman of the Common Europe Foundation
and Team

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