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Karolina Demus

Finnin’s The Rebels and Risk Takers

Are you looking for a good piece about literature to read this week? If you haven’t already stumbled upon it, here’s a short essay on Ukrainian literature by Dr Rory Finnin: The Rebels and Risk Takers of Ukrainian Literature.

After all, writers like Olena Teliha or Mykhailo Kotsiubyns’kyi or Mykola Khvyl’ovyi could have devoted themselves to literary careers in the Russian language; writers like Ivan Franko or Bohdan Ihor Antonych or Vasyl’ Stefanyk could have devoted themselves to literary careers in Polish.

And more about Lesya Ukrainka you can find here.

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Child of the 1980s, fan of the intellectual journeys to the east from Poland, and enthusiast for a phenomenon of Eurasia. Her interests are the history of education process and theory in different cultures and regions as well as history of garden concepts. Not accidentally – both education and gardening regard potentiality and its development. She longs for the utopian Greek idea of πολυμαθής, nowadays known as the Latin term Homo Universalis – a concept of a person with an unlimited capability of acquiring knowledge.

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