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Łukasz Grajewski

New Year’s Top Ten from the Eastern Partnership’s Countries

Once again, as the tradition of demands, we’ve selected 10 special songs from countries participating in the EU’s Eastern Partnership programme. Listen to the tunes we’ve found highly… entertaining and… let the party rock!

Gangnam Style nie zabraknie na naszej liście..., źródło: Youtube

Gangnam Style: yes, it's a must on our list! source: YouTube

10. Quest Pistols – Разные (Ukraine)

Even if the handsome youths from Quest Pistols do not shock this year as well as in 2011, still, with their song  “Raznye”, they deserve to open our charts.


9. Верка Сердючка – Смайлик

Let’s stick to Ukraine for a moment and its totally image-orientated artists: here’s another hit from Verka Serduchka, the best-known drag queen star in the country.


8. Tural Xaos, ALOV, Euro – Dövran

OK, now a slight change of tune, music genre and geography. Without any knowledge of Azerbaijani, we still understand -thanks to the Azerbaijani rappers’ facial expressions – that even there some people barely make ends meet…


7. DARA feat. Carla`s Dreams – Влюблены

According to our good friends from Moldova, Dara is the most popular young vocalist in this beautiful country. With her songs also in English and Russian, she’s the perfect export goods!


6. and 5. Нервы – Будем друзьями, The Toobes – Let`s Dance

It’s time for a Belarusian-Ukrainian duel: The Toobs vs Nervy. Whose rock’n’roll interpretation of “don’t worry, just have fun” is more convincing?


4. Ti kto takoy,davay dosvidaniya!

We won’t be guilty of ignoring the folk music: we just love the Azerbaijani meyhane freestyle. Another must on every New Year’s party!


3. BERA – გაერთე შენც

Why the Georgian PM’s son on our list? Are we paid by Bidzina? Have we believed in the Georgian Dream? Nope. Honestly  BERA is quite good and popular amongst young people. Hardly seeking originality ourselves, just going with the flow,  we admit we just like this famous albino artist from the Caucasus.


2. Lilit Hovhannisyan – Թե աղջիկ լինեիր

It’s getting hot here! We just don’t know from where all these Armenian beauties pop out! Yes, we have a weakness for singers from Armenia – Sirusho was the winner of our last year’s ranking, now Lilit took the second place by storm.

.It’s getting hot here!

1. Gangnam Style

This hilariously idiotic song from South Korea has many international versions, each one even more funny than the original. Number One comes from Belarus. Just watch! We add two bonus tracks and wish you very…

Happy New Year!


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Łukasz Grajewski

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