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Parvin Alizada

Azerbaijan: Protests in Central Baku after Events in Ismailli…

It seems that whole Europe observed events in Azerbaijan, starting in Ismailli on 23 January and then moving to recent protests in Baku, held on Saturday 26 January.

Authors: Mehman Huseynov, 2013 / Marc Riboud, 1967, source: Facebook

The protest in central Baku was a response to events in Ismailli. The gathering was organized via Facebook, the same as the one connected with the death of the Azerbaijani soldier. The beginning was planned for 3 pm, 26 January, at Fountain Square. As it was written on Facebook:

“…the protest has not a political character, which means it is organized neither by any organization nor a party. The protest will be carried out against the brutal treatment of civilians  by the police, and support  human rights”.

The slogans of the protest read: “İsmayıllı yatmayıb Qeyrətini satmayıb;İsmayıllı oyaqdı,Bakı ona dayaqdı” (Ismailli is awake, Baku is its support)”.

Most of the participants were from opposition parties or organizations. Baku’s central streets were full of people and police. The clashes between civilians and state forces seemed inevitable. Several protesters were arrested and/or fined. Famous blogger Emin Milli, who also participated in the event, received 15 days of detention.

23/24 January: Riots in Ismayilli

26 January:

Protestors in Azerbaijan Clash With Riot Police | Three Baku Demonstrators Given Jail Terms

The full list of arrested and fined can be found on Khadija Ismayil‘s Facebook page.

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