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Krzysztof Nieczypor

Ukraine: Is the German MEP a Sex Tourist or a Victim of Provocation?

FEMEN staged another protest action under the slogan “Ukraine is not a bordello” which addressed one of the most influential politicians in the European Parliament. Elmar Brok, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, was accused of using services of Ukrainian prostitutes during his official visit to Kiev. The action is a part of the feminist massive campaign aimed at discrediting the German politician.

Elmar Brok. Autor:  European Parliament. Źródło:

Elmar Brok, author: European Parliament, source:

Elmar Brok, the leader of the European People’s Party and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, was attacked on Thursday, 21 March 2013, by an activist of the FEMEN movement – Alexandra Shevchenko. The traditionally topless woman was waiting for the influential politician of the German Christian Democratic Party with a cry “Ukraine is not a bordello” in front of the European Parliament building (Wirtz Str.) in Brussels. The feminist waded into the MEP and forced him to flee. Shevchenko was arrested by police in Brussels.

As it was published on the website of FEMEN, the attack on the MEP is a protest against sex tourism in Ukraine, as the politician was seen having fun in such a way during his visit to Kiev on 20 December 2012. “According to reliable information, Brok actively used the services of Ukrainian prostitutes, and allow himself to speak on Ukrainian women in extremely abusive forms. FEMEN will punish all those involved in the dirty crimes, regardless of their social or political status. Ukraine is not a bordello! Women are not for sale! Women are not slaves!” said on the web-page of the Ukrainian organization.

FEMEN agaist Elmar Brok UKRAINE IS NOT YOUR… оn femen_org

In response, the EU Delegation to Ukraine (headed by a Pole, Jan Tombinski, the EU ambassador in Kiev) strongly rejected the allegations made by the feminists. “All the charges against Mr. Brok are false. During a one-day visit to Kiev on December 20, 2012, a member of the European Parliament Elmar Brok had an intensive agenda, which included a number of meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak, and with representatives of opposition political parties. Throughout the day, the MEP was accompanied by the head of the EU Delegation and its members”, wrote Tombinski in a statement posted on the website of the EU Delegation.

Some Ukrainian Internet portals offer a different version what happened (unfortunately, I could not find the source, but rather only “reprints” on other sites, so the author of these revelations is not known). According to witnesses, Elmar Brok, during his trip to Kiev, visited several nightclubs and used the services of exclusive prostitutes. Night adventures of the German politician ended in one of the hotels in Kiev, where he did not want to pay for services to three girls, who were with him, and was seen swearing.

On Monday, 25 March 2013, the Ukrainian media reported that Ukraine’s Prosecutor General is preparing a request for the arrest of the German MEP. According to these reports, one of the women who were with Brok, accused him of trying to rape her. A source, introducing himself as a worker of the prosecutor’s office, said that in case of the German politician’s visit to Ukraine, he will be immediately arrested and subjected to genetic testing. Test results will be compared with the genetic material contained in the semen, allegedly belonging to Brok, and which was provided by the prostitute.

The article mentioned above  describing the night adventures of the German Christian Democrat has an intriguing ending: “The behavior of this man and his attitude to Ukraine as a second-rate country, where you can come and spit upon it in the literal and figurative sense, show us the challenges that we are bound to encounter on the way to EU integration. Should we join the family in which we will be considered the weakest, or worse – a prostitute? “-asked the author of the publication discrediting the MEP.

Elmar Brok i Julia Tymoszenko. Autor: European People's Party - EPP. Źródło:

Elmar Brok and Yulia Tymoshenko, the author: European People’s Party – EPP, source:

Taking into account the fact that Elmar Brok is one of the fiercest defenders of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, espousing a sharp criticism of the Ukrainian government, we should be very careful considering the appeared in the Ukrainian media revelations. The German MEP has repeatedly called on the EU to impose sanctions against government officials in Kiev and claimed that a condition for signing the Association Agreement is the release of the Ukrainian opposition leader from prison. Brok also was of a low opinion of current Ukrainian prosecutors. The German politician commented on charging Tymoshenko of ordering the assassination of Eugene Shcherban: “Renat Kuzmin [Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine, leading the investigation of the case of former Prime Minister – author’s note] could prove Tymoshenko’s liability even for the spots on the Moon”. During Brok’s recent visit to Kiev, Kuzmin refused to meet with the German MEP at the last moment. So it seems that this case is political and it is possible that the media reports are a provocation directed against the authority of one of the most influential politicians in the European Parliament.

The photo on the front page: Elmar Brok, the author – the European People’s Party EPP, source – Flickr

Translated by MA

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