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Krzysztof Łątka

Contest for the Best Projects of Cross-Border Cooperation

14 June 2013 is the deadline for sending applications to the Contest for best projects of cross-border cooperation, organised within the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress under the project “Lublin and Rzeszów – cooperation and using the development chances” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013.

Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress 2012, source:

Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress 2012, source:

It is directed to all entities without any formal or legal restrictions; cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations as well as informal creative groups, private individuals, local governments and economic entities, both from the European Union countries and from the Eastern Partnership.

The main purpose of the Contest is to develop cross-border cooperation and to exchange good practices and experiences in the field of project initiatives of a developmental nature implemented in the area of Eastern Europe. One main prize in each of the seven categories (good governance, civil society, culture, tourism, education, Corporate Social Responsibility, social innovations) will be awarded in the Contest together with honourable mentions. The awarded projects will be presented during the Congress and they will also be published in a promotional folder. This will allow to provide thousands of recipients with information about the best practices of implementing partnership projects with the Eastern Partnership’s Countries.

You can apply for the Contest online through a form available on

Additionally, prizes for the contest of the NGOmap programme will also be awarded during this year’s Congress and the winners will also be guests of the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress.

NGOmap is an international programme of support for non-governmental organisations from the countries covered by the EU Eastern Partnership programme. It was created by experienced representatives of non-governmental circles. It is an answer to the commonly reported needs to strengthen bonds and contacts exceeding national borders.

You can apply to the NGOmap contest through the website

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Krzysztof Łątka

Magister zarządzania i marketingu Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie. W latach 1995 - 2005 dziennikarz lubelskich mediów. Od 2006 roku pracuje w lubelskim magistracie, wcześniej jako Sekretarz Miasta, obecnie na stanowisku Dyrektora Wydziału Projektów Nieinwestycyjnych. Specjalizuje się w projektach transgranicznych z partnerami ze Wschodu. Lider linii "dobre rządzenie" w Centrum Kompetencji Wschodnich powołanym przez Prezydenta Miasta Lublin, Marszałka Województwa Lubelskiego oraz Dyrektora UNDP w Polsce.

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