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Regional cooperation in the South Caucasus & its close neighbourhood,
in various combinations & fields.


Zaur Shiriyev (Today’s Zaman): Azerbaijan-Georgia military cooperation and Turkey’s influenc

One & Two

“…the political-military realities of the post-2008 period saw changes in the military strategies of Baku and Tbilisi, with each country redefining its priorities”.


Aleksandra Jarosiewicz (OSW): The Southern Caucasus is turning into a Russian playground

“…both Russia’s termination of the agreement on the transit of Azerbaijani oil via the Baku–Novorossiysk pipeline on 5 May and the manner in which it was terminated (the Azerbaijani side found this out from the press) are being interpreted in Baku as an element of pressure and criticism of Azerbaijan’s energy policy, which is oriented at close co-operation with Turkey and the West”.

Mamuka Tsereteli (The Central Asia – Caucasus Analyst): Why The South Caucasus Needs A Stronger U.S. and European Policy

“… the South Caucasus countries should ally themselves closely with other Eastern European countries, and most importantly with Turkey to find a common voice and convince Washington and Brussels that the region represents a natural expansion of the European economic space, and must be included in any policy initiative related to the broader Europe”.

…business & economy.

BTK Railway Steps Up, by Nino Patsuria

“Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, projected to be the shortest route between Europe and China”

PS …and culture & tourism:

Turkey, Greece, Georgia &… Armenia:  Black Sea Silk Road Corridor

“The Project is expected to alleviate rural isolation and develop local communities through the creation of tourism networks and the promotion of local (rural) services and traditional products”.

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