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Adrienne Warren

Pigs, Plants and Potatoes… Part Two

Last month, Russian announced a series of import bans affecting a few countries in the EU. Russia claimed it would be implementing temporary restrictions on Greece, the US, Canada, Mexico. For neighbouring Belarus, Russia slapped a ban on swines and hogs from the Vitebsk region of Belarus. The ban came after the June discovery of African Swine Fever outbreak in Belarus.  Belarus received more banning news this week, an anti-pig resurgence with a political agenda….

Have You Seen This Face? Belarusian Pig Ban. author: Leo Reynolds. source: Flickr

Have You Seen This Face? Belarusian Pig Ban. author: Leo Reynolds. source: Flickr

Russia has again banned pork imports from Belarus today, in an escalating diplomatic and trade war over the arrest of a Russian businessman, Vladislav Baumgertner, head of Russian potash company Uralkali.  Outrage over the arrest broke out after Baumgertner was arrested in Minsk airport, after being invited to talks with the prime minister, and then scandalised by footage showing him being searched in his prison cell.

As a retaliatory move, Russia announced a 25 percent drop in oil supplies to Belarus effective in September, and have threatened to extend the cuts for several months. In addition, a possible ban on various Belarusian dairy products was hinted at.

Experts are arguing its a new low for Belarusian-Russian relations, and with a precariously fragile economy, Belarus may be feeling the pain the pain of blacklisted peer, Ukraine.

 Read about the “banned products” reality in July – before the “trade war”:

No Pigs, Plants and Potatoes: Russia Bans Foreign Foods

Source: DW, The Guardian


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