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Euromaidan: And The Night Came On…

 Two months ago, a group of students took the streets of Lviv city… Kyiv responded with mass protests and the wave of rallies turned into a peaceful ‘warm ocean’ of Euromaidan across Ukraine and abroad. When protesters were beaten on 1 December 2013, people responded with peaceful protests. The entire world was inspired by the fortitude of Ukrainians.  This democratic impulse in the country which was considered to be slowly shifting to the autocratic camp seemed to melt the ice of skepticism about the democratic aspirations of Ukrainians.

The ice was melted…the stone wall arose between Ukrainians and the government.

During last two months president Yanykovych was assuring Ukrainians and the world that he supported only peaceful resolution of the political crisis. During those two months Ukrainian opposition was deciding on a ‘single leader’ and preparing the action plan, demonstrating its weakness and immaturity. This impotence contrasted with the firmness of those staying on Maidan, those who left their daily routine behind and came to defend their future.

On 16 January 2014 the Parliament of Ukraine passed a set of draconian laws in an attempt to hamper protests at the streets. New legislation allowed the government to imprison all protesters, limited the freedom of speech & access to the Internet, and strengthened the grip of force agencies over population. This aggravated tensions at the streets, and on 19 January peaceful protests turned into armed clashes between police and the people. Police use snipers against its own people. Just to keep the distance.

Today, on 22 January, Day of National Unity, police killed first protesters and moved first APC (armored personnel carrier) to the street. Today, for the first time in my life, I am afraid of checking the news because I am scared… scared to read about new fatalities, about policemen shooting people on the streets and new draconian orders of the government. 

Now, Ukrainians should understand that Ukraine we lived, worked, loved and planned our future does not exist anymore. We waked up in a different country, where government was killing its own people and switching off the light at the streets to cover its crimes. Where smoke from the grenades closed the sky over the capital. Those in the government just want to create an illusion of a night. But those who have already awakened do not need the light to fight. 

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In solidarity with Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland, 22 January 2014, author: @grajewski_luk on Twitter

In solidarity with Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland, 22 January 2014, author: @grajewski_luk on Twitter

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