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Maidan vs Pro-Russian Separatists: Comparison

Russian propaganda aggressively exploits the thesis about “double standards”: why your guys on the Maidan can do it and ours in the East can’t?

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Well, I am giving a comprehensive answer to this question in the table below, which shows what the principal difference between these two situations is. Of course it is a summarised and therefore a simplified picture, one can always find examples that refute, such as “on such and such minute on such and such video an activist of the Maidan swore when snipers were shooting at him” or “were people with “Georgian” ribbons helping beaten by their comrades Maidan guy to get on his feet”. However, these isolated cases do not change the whole picture. I deliberately use terminology “insurgents” rather than “separatists” as this is more correct, because separatists are those who want to create their own country and not those who want to join another.

MaidanPro-Russian Insurgents
AimTo free their country from the dictatorial and corrupted regime; integration with democratic countries in Europe whilst maintaining independence.Full or partial occupation of their country by a foreign dictatorial corrupted regime; absorption by an anti-democratic state with loss of independence.
MethodsDuring the first months exclusively non-violent regardless of the constant brutal violence, including tortures and murder, from the authorities (both official forces and “titushki”). Only after this brutality in answer to yet another breakdown of agreements and violence against the protesters – use of violent actions. Still the main weapons of the protesters were sticks and Molotov cocktails, there were practically no firearms. In general good treatment of prisoners.Violence from the very beginning; seizure of admin buildings, headquarters of the law enforcement agencies, military units by heavily armed (machine guns, grenade launchers) people, seizure and distribution of firearms amongst the supporters. Murder, tortures, brutal beating of unarmed opponents, taking of hostages, use of women and children as human shields, abuse of prisoners.
Role of the allied foreign states.Verbal support, economic sanctions at the later stages. All is done openly.Key and violent. Military occupation and annexation of the Crimea with the support of obviously transferred foreign troops, seizure of buildings and units by foreign paratroopers and Special Forces in the same way beyond its border, by sending the spies and saboteurs, concentrating army near the state border. All this is done with hypocritical denial of the fact that the militants belong to the Armed Forces and Special Service of the country which sends them.
National ideologyUnity of Ukrainian nation of all ethnic groups and regions in Ukraine; absence of hatred and ethnic discriminationSplit of the nation and the state, hatred of all Ukrainian, European, American, Russian fascism, anti-Semitism.
Question of languageOne state language – Ukrainian, but no objections to speaking in Russian; Russian often sounded from the stage on the Maidan, not a single case of offence or violence against a person because he/she speaks Russian.Hatred and contempt for the Ukrainian language, not recognition of it as an authentic language, unwillingness to hear and know any other language than Russian
OrganisationSelf-organization from below; the official politicians were rather hindrance than help; there are no proved mass cases of paid for participantsProtests are inspired by a foreign state; ordinary members act as puppets, mass background and human shields send to the cordons by coordinators and militants. There are numerous cases of paid for participants (although there are those who participate because of their ideas)
Population support according to a researchMore than half of people in the country12% of people in the country, maximum numbers are 33% in Donetsk and 41% in the Crimea (the research was conducted before the occupation)
Intellectual, cultural and creative levelIn general high; there was a library on the Maindan, art exhibitions, lectures, comedy performances, entertainment by musicians and poets etc. High creativity, many witty posters and slogans, resourcefulness in combat (catapults, fire barricades).In general low, zero creativity, no own ideas, barricades are plagiarism of the Maidan. Many participants with criminal past.
AtmosphereIn general polite and positive, often so even towards the opponents.In general angry and aggressive, constant swearing, threats, physical aggression.
Behaviour in the occupied buildingsMaintenance of order, the desire to minimize possible damageVandalism and looting, piles of garbage
PropagandaMostly true, except for the inevitable in a revolutionary situation unverified rumours.Totally false, and the lies are generated by all the might of the propaganda machine of a foreign state.
AlcoholDry lawConsumed actively, there are cases of consumption of drugs as well.
The attitude towards the Soviet authoritiesNegativePositive

Draw your own conclusions


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