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BABYLON’13 in Warsaw. Short Docs from Ukraine

We would like to invite you to a screening of documentaries created by Ukrainian filmmakers from BABYLON’13, showing the Euromaidan revolution and events that followed.

Join us on Tuesday, 10 June 2014, at 7 pm.

Venue: Państwomiasto, ul. Andersa 29, 00-159 Warsaw, Poland

The free screening will be preceded by a discussion with three of the creators:

Pavlo Kot (cameraman), Yaryna Grusha (writer), Sergii Klepach (film editor)

Moderator: Tomasz Piechal,

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BABYLON’13 is a group of Ukrainian filmmakers documenting events in Ukraine after authorities dispersed peaceful protesters demonstrating their support for pro-democratic reforms in their country in November 2013.

The Warsaw screening will also include materials about the annexation of Crimea and conflict in eastern Ukraine.

All presented films are subtitled in English.

BABYLON’13 on YouTube & Facebook

BABYLON’13: The Mission

“Perhaps the pivotal goal is to show the birth and first firm steps of a civil community, since the December events indicate first and foremost the shaping of a new civil consciousness of the Ukrainian people, the core of which comprises self organization, solidarity and vindication of natural human rights”.

– Volodymyr Tykhyi (producer, founder, project director)

“It is a notable fact, that the driving power of the civil protest is the generation formed within the timeframe of independence.

The generation that may be called the one of immediate action, and which deems basic European values as determinant and hence is ready to protect them.

The new civil society generates meaningful ideas. But at the moment there are too little of those, who are ready to fulfill these ideas.

This circle has to grow and then we’ll get a chance to persuade the whole Ukraine, that time has come to begin vast social reforms”.

– from the manifest of BABYLON’13.

BABYLON’13: The Future

“Among our plans are formation of the respective movie miscellany and transformation of the project into a web-documentary project, intended to record and interpret social and cultural changes in Ukraine. We also plan to create a string of documentaries in order to present them at festivals and theatres”.

The Warsaw screening is another step towards this goal.

Join us on Tuesday, 10 June!


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