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How to Promote V4 States among Russian-speaking Audience. Workshops. Application Deadline: 7 March 2016 - within the project "Streamlining the Message on Visegrad 4 for European Union and Eastern Partners Countries" - would like to invite young journalists, bloggers and activists with experience in media for a 5-day workshop "Eastbook promotes Visegrád cooperation – How to promote V4 states among Russian-speaking audience".

When and where: Warsaw, Poland, 13-17 April 2016
Application deadline: 7 March 2016  

Why the workshops?

While working on in 2016, our contributors and our crew are learning and gathering experience how to write about the V4 countries and preparing series of publications explaining the “lifestyle” of people from the V4 countries to our Russian-speaking audience. We want to share our experience and support those who contribute to promotion of our region: V4, EaP and the neighbourhood. We are not going to directly focus on politics – we tell the stories about cross-border cooperation, exchange of experience and innovative projects that can be shared in our region.

Eastbook, an open platform

Eastbook, an open platform

A part of our mission at Eastbook and its publisher Common Europe Foundation is to make the V4 countries more understandable and hospitable to our Russian-speaking neighbours and those who already live here, in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We tell the stories of people who live here or just visit, be they citizens, expats, migrants or tourists. They build their communities of grassroots activists, start-up businessmen and businesswomen, inventors, scholars, educators, and many more. Our goal is to make such voices heard and understood, showing both their struggles and their achievements at local and regional levels.

With our 5-year experience in building a multilanguage medium about our region – Poland as a member of EU and Eastern Partnership countries – gathering more than 200 authors, we want to share our experience, give the platform for new authors both from V4 and EaP states who focus on transborder cooperation.

Programme’s key elements:

– Themes of V4: what aspects of V4 states attract citizens of Eastern Partnership countries and Russia;

– Citizen journalism & transborder communication: how to share stories from abroad;

– Finding “the Holy Grail” – topics that people REALLY search and want to read & how to “force” Google to be your friend and weapon in SEO;

– Understanding the new big media revolution: monetarisation, publication, working with editors and media;

– Working with trainers on pre-prepared pitches (see below: Requirements for participants).

Eastbook covers:

  • your travel to and from Warsaw for a total amount of 400 PLN (participants will receive money after their arrival in Warsaw),
  • your food & accommodation.

For the participants, if required, we issue invitations helping in obtaining a charge-free visa for citizens from non-EU countries participating in cultural or educational exchange. 

Requirements for participants:

  • experience in media (blogging, journalism, citizen activism)
  • interest in topics and issues of V4 countries and their and cooperation with Eastern Partnership states and Russia
  • communicative English (at least B2)
  • age 21-30
  • a pre-workshop pitch (up to 500 words;) for your story for a post-workshop publication (at least 3000 words / a video, series of infographics, etc.) about promoting some inspiring aspects of V4 countries and / or their cooperation with eastern neighbours (social, business and technology innovations, transborder projects, grassroots movements, media and citizen activism, joint initiatives, etc.)
  • *optionally a video (up to 30-sec long ) – a (self)recorded presentation why you want to attend the workshops / (we will favour those who enclose it in their applications);

The post-workshop outcome for participants will be PAID publications (up to 400 PLN) created during and after the trainings (based on reviewed pitches) with assistance of trainers, posted on Eastbook in Russian and English till the end of May 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

If you are up to the challenge and want to join us in April, please fill in the enclosed survey [link] till 7 March 2016!

The workshop is organised within the Eastbook project sponsored by the Visegrad Fund.

Photo: Dömös, Danube River, Hungary. By György Soponyai. Source: Flickr.
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